3 decoration tools

The first Mortar
The brick wall needs a beautiful seam, but this beautiful seam is really inconvenient because there is no professional guy. Someone invented a beautiful sewing artifact-Mortar

This small tool can clean up the flowing cement
Not only looks beautiful, but also provides convenience for future painting
The shape of this tool is like a small cart
The structure is very simple, with two small wheels on the front and handles on the back
And in the middle is a protruding push head
You have to test the dryness of the cement with your hands first when using it. It’s too wet.
Then use this tool to push back and forth in the brick gap a few times
The excess cement is scraped out
Because its length is just right, the grooves that are pushed out are quite perfect
According to the inventor, this beautiful sewing artifact does not use oil or electricity.
The structure is simple, it can be made without $10.

The second type of Quikpoint
Wall beautification, brick joint mortar is a chore
Unbearable friend invented wall grouting artifact-Quikpoint

This equipment looks similar to a pistol
Put it on an electric drill, it will be a submachine gun
Its power source is an electric drill, which also ensures that the mortar flow rate is controllable and saves materials.
When using it, you just need to connect the electric drill, pour the mortar, and start grouting.
Up, down, down, left and right
Seeing this, did you think of putting cream on your birthday cake?
Or, have the pleasure of playing Tetris
This device is not only simple in structure, but also easy to use
Rugged and durable, material-saving, uniform application effect is good, and labor is greatly saved

The third type: Tape Gun
Decoration partition, the gap is really ugly, it is not easy to deal with without professional tools
Someone invented a beautiful sewing artifact-Tape Gun

It is not too much to say that it is a large “correction tape”
Install the paper tape, rejuvenate the mud, pour it into the sink, aim at the gap and start work
It can automatically cut the paper tape
Whether it is a flat gap or a corner of a wall, it can handle it well
In addition, this “correction tape” has supporting tools
Put on the correction tape, and you need to use the matching tools to smooth it
This tool not only saves materials, but also labor
And the speed is 2 times that of the old tools
Because it is relatively high, it’s like a location where the roof is not high enough, so you don’t need to set up a shelf to get it straight.
With this tool, a new flat and beautiful wall will appear in front of you in a short while
The decorator says it’s easy to use