A collection of some interesting creative gadgets!-1

  1. Pageless fan
    Dyson fans use air multiplication technology to absorb air and expand it. Since there are no rotating blades or grid covers, it is quiet, safe and easy to clean.
  1. Double-ended toothpaste
    Double-ended toothpaste, if she (he) squeezes the toothpaste first and makes you angry, then this product is suitable for you.
  1. Folding container
    Made of glass fiber, the volume is reduced to 25% after folding.
  1. Unlimited USB
    Innovative USB plug design, when plugged into the interface, it also acts as a USB hub for unlimited inheritance.
  1. Telescopic speed bump
    If the vehicle is driving at the speed limit, the speed bump will remain contracted and allow the vehicle to pass without stopping.
  1. Bottle carrier
    It can safely carry up to 6 bottles of beer, soft drinks, or water bottles.
  1. Sitting on the flower tray
    Place the Greenbo faceplate on the railing, deck or fence. The unique artistic design ensures the safety and stability of the faceplate.
  1. Butter sticks
    From Japan, stick-shaped butter (such as lipstick), I want it in any kitchen.
  1. Tumbler toothbrush
    When the toothbrush is first placed, it will swing until it reaches a balanced state-like a tumbler.