A collection of some interesting creative gadgets!-2

  1. Fabric seat
    He can let you sit down and rest anytime, anywhere.
  1. Cycling jacket with turn signal
    There are LED direction indicators on the back of the clothes and a control switch on the wrist, which is very practical when riding a bicycle and improves safety.
  1. Bags and umbrellas
    Designed by South Korean designer SeungHeeSon, the umbrella is folded into a small tote bag, so there is no need to worry about dripping water on the umbrella, which saves a lot of unnecessary trouble.
  1. USB mini refrigerator
    USB mini refrigerator, a refrigerator powered by a USB port, this refrigerator is too small, can only put a can of drinks, it allows you to drink a glass of cold beer while using the computer.
  1. Transparent refrigerator
    Is this refrigerator very beautiful? Because it is transparent, it is important to keep the interior clean and the arrangement of things in an orderly manner, otherwise everything will be unobstructed.
  1. Emoji seal
    More than 2,000 different expressions can be created by flipping the button, inspired by a code lock.
  1. Soap shredder
    Soap has better decontamination ability than hand sanitizer, and it is easy to clean. It is hygienic after crushing without direct contact.
  1. 360° plug
    When encountering the above situation, we must think from another angle.
  1. Hide it
    A very space-efficient sofa, you can stuff something, remote control, teacup, books, fake flowers.
  1. Chairs and tables
    The chair turned down and turned into a table, and the table turned up into a chair.