A collection of some interesting creative gadgets!-3

  1. Fruit bowl
    The detachable bowl aims to increase the area.
  1. A small tool for squeezing toothpaste
    This is a very interesting gadget, similar to toothpaste and some pastes in plastic packaging. It is difficult to squeeze out when it is almost used up, which often causes waste. But this squeezer made into a lip shape This problem can be solved very well. It can be said that small creativity, great wisdom.
  1. Card change paddle
    If you like to play the guitar and accumulate a lot of unused waste cards at home, then I highly recommend this gadget to you. It can trim waste cards into pieces of guitar picks, which is very practical and environmentally friendly.
  1. Lifesaving USB
    Have you ever dropped your key into deep water and can’t find it? With this key chain with a “life buoy”, your key safety factor will be greatly increased. This key chain will pop up an airbag when it encounters water. Its buoyancy exceeds 1 kg. I believe that no matter how many keys you have, it will not be that heavy. In addition, the water will trigger the LED light of the key chain to make it emit a bright light. Even at night, you can easily find the key floating in the water. Remember, you must put the key chain in a safe place when washing clothes or swimming, otherwise you will “bang…”.
  1. Little bird lemon squeezer
    The bird lemon squeezer made of stainless steel, cut a small slice of lemon into it, squeeze the tail of the bird, fresh lemon juice flows out of the bird’s beak, enjoy your delicious drink. Giggle~
  1. A dress that can save lives
    In order to cope with the volatile climate caused by global warming, designer YaelMer designed this long skirt, which usually looks like a fashionable and beautiful red long skirt, but in the crisis of flooding, the long skirt can be inflated and turned into A small boat like a rubber dinghy surrounds you, and the safety factor is greatly increased.
  1. Simple bed installed on the wall
    Young people usually buy a small apartment first, and the space is not large. If relatives and friends visit, it is a problem to stay overnight. How to use the limited space has become a problem that must be faced. I have introduced the creativity of combining the bookshelf and the bed, and also introduced the design of the desk and the bed. The product called “DreamDoor” recommended today is just It is like a door installed on the wall. It opens when you sleep and closes it in the morning. Friends who have taken a train sleeper must be familiar with this look. Such a simple bed can be DIY by itself.
  1. Creative furniture that can be moved flexibly-ready
    eady is a small storage cabinet that can be moved flexibly, a small stool, a small table, and it can also be used as a small coffee table. In short, it is multi-purpose and easy to move. You can lift it and push it away. As a locker, you can put some newspapers, books, and magazines underneath; as a small stool, when there are more visiting friends, you can push over to sit and chat together; as a coffee table, you can put it on the side of the sofa ; As a small table, you can put the laptop on it and move around in the house. For such a multi-purpose creative furniture, it is not too much to put two in the house.
  1. Tableware pen Din-ink
    One of the ways to advocate environmental protection is to hope that everyone will use less disposable chopsticks and use their own chopsticks. There should be another solution, which is to use hygienic and biodegradable disposable tableware. Look at the ingenious design of this cutlery pen, its other end can be
    Insert knives, forks and spoons. The materials used in these tableware are harmless to the human body and biodegradable. The use of such tableware is convenient and hygienic, and it also responds to the call of environmental protection.
  1. Novel and fashionable wall lamp
    This novel wall lamp produced by oioi company looks like a microphone. The shaft adopts a spherical design and can be rotated in any direction. It is a good choice whether you put it on the bedside, desk, or sofa. This desk lamp has a novel appearance, and the switch adopts a touch-type design, which has the dual functions of fashion and practicality.