A collection of some interesting creative gadgets!-4

  1. Two-in-one washing machine and game console
    For people who often use self-service washing machines, the process of waiting for their clothes to be washed is long and boring, so designers put forward the concept of “game” washing machines, aiming to add more fun to the laundry time. It is a combination of coin-operated washing machine and game machine, which is convenient for users to have a hearty game while washing clothes. What’s interesting is that your game level will directly determine the time and cost of washing clothes-if you unfortunately lose the game, the washing machine will also stop working and you will need to insert coins again before it can operate. Before experiencing this novel washing machine, you may wish to practice the game level first.
  1. Bedside aquarium
    Few people have tried to put an aquarium for decoration and viewing in the bedroom, after all, guests will not talk about the old in the master bedroom. However, two bold designers designed a bedside aquarium for a furniture manufacturer. This huge aquarium spans the entire bedside and has a volume of 650 gallons. The faint blue bedside lamp placed in it makes the entire The fish tank exudes a mysterious atmosphere. I wonder if watching colorful fish swimming freely in the water can make your dreams more magical? !
  1. Shredder alarm clock
    The alarms that wake people from dreams are always confusing, but listening to the same ringtones every day will inevitably slowly become dull or even deaf to the ringtones. This alarm clock has a built-in small paper shredder. You can put banknotes in it before going to bed. If the alarm sounds and you don’t wake up immediately and turn off the alarm, the shredder will start to work-shredding your banknotes. Starting a day in such a cruel and crazy way to ensure that you don’t want to sleep in bed every second, and at the same time you can deeply understand that time is money.
  1. Environmentally friendly toy cars
    This children’s toy car does not require any batteries, just add some salt water to make it run. While playing games, children can start to learn about green energy and develop good habits of environmental protection since childhood.
  1. Square electric drill
    Non-professional-level electric drills often use distinctive appearance to attract consumers, but often ignore the improvement of functionality. This simple electric drill adopts a square shape, which is convenient for relying on the wall to improve the accuracy of drilling and reduce vibration. In addition, the electric drill bit adopts a forward and retreat slide rail structure, and can accurately determine the drilling depth, and the laser assisted positioning and guidance device further simplifies the difficulty of drilling.
  1. Corkscrew
    On weekends, it is indeed a good choice to make a small party with a few friends at home. However, if you are buying bottled alcoholic beverages, the storage of the bottle cap after opening is really annoying. After cleaning the scene, you may have to search under the sofa to see if there is a fish that slipped through the net. This storage bottle opener is exquisitely designed, and the transparent bottle shape is also very compatible with the drink. It can not only serve as a decoration, but also appear more prominently in the party’s field of vision. It is convenient to find and use, and it can also be used when opening the bottle cap. Putting it in also improves the homeowner’s cleaning efficiency, which can be said to be multiple benefits!
  1. Unique bracelet
    Beauty-loving women always need to carry simple cosmetics with them so that they can replenish their makeup at the right time. This bracelet uniquely and creatively combines jewelry and cosmetics perfectly, so that decoration and practicality reach a harmonious unity.
  1. Heater
    This heater works like a magic trick. As the temperature rises, you will find that the original ceramic heater shell will gradually become transparent, and the jumping flames in the heater will gradually reveal its true colors.
  1. Romantic bathtub
    This is a bathtub designed according to ergonomics. Although the water volume of the bathtub has been reduced, the comfort level of use is not reduced at all, saving 60% of water compared with ordinary bathtubs. In addition to the water-saving function, it is also equipped with a touch operation screen that can control the intensity and temperature of the water flow, as well as the lights. Let the bathtub light up a small lamp, as if sitting in a nebula.
  1. Vent anger equipment to open walnuts
    There are many ways to open walnuts, such as smashing with a hammer, pinching in a door, pressing a chair… Our goal is to break the walnuts! This free-falling walnut hammer uses the impact of a metal ball falling from a height to smash walnuts. Among other things, the thick sound of smashing walnuts is also tickling, and it is indeed an elegant venting equipment.