A collection of some interesting creative gadgets!

Practical kitchen gadgets manual juicer artifact
With its compact design, you’ve seen such a juicing artifact that allows you to drink fresh orange juice anytime, anywhere.

Stainless steel automatic beer bottle opener
Stainless steel automatic beer bottle opener, reasonable internal structure design, refined surface drawing process, stainless steel manufacturing, easy to operate. The opening is designed with a magnet, the cap is not easy to fall after opening, which is convenient and practical.

Can Organizing Rack Storage Box
With cover design, unique corrosion resistance, selected high-quality lead-free glass material, healthier, suitable for both temperature and cold, and can hold a variety of foods. The sealed jar is suitable for small snacks such as milk powder and biscuits, and can also be filled with liquid. The mechanically pressed glass is practical and convenient.

Household sticky storage rack storage bag
The beautiful and exquisite shelf opens up a free storage area on the wall, and adopts the design of space division, which is more regular. This shelf is made of stainless steel, but it was very simple at that time, it can make good use of space, and its simple structure makes the kitchen tidy.

【Explosion Style】Bear’s paw divided grid dried fruit plate snack plate melon seed plate dried fruit box
【Explosion Style】Bear’s paw divided grid dried fruit tray snack tray melon seed tray dried fruit box, the inner wall is finely polished, beautiful and easy to clean. Creative bear’s paw print fruit plate, made of wheat straw, healthy and odorless. Salads/fruits/snacks can be loaded, and the design is divided into compartments, which is not easy to taste. Lovely shape, cute and beautiful, to highlight the flavor of food.