A small hanger can also be designed like this!

In life, hangers are indispensable. They can support the world of clothing, not only to keep them flat, but also to make your wardrobe more organized. The following excellent conceptual industrial design introduces creative hanger designs for everyone, take a look How do designers make simple hangers play a greater role?
Among the various elements of “magic”, such as illusion, extinction and semi-physical phenomena, the design concept is set, that is, the laws of physics are reversed to design the floating hanger “Float”.

Game of Trust, coat hanger
The hanger “trust game” consists of three identical Y-shaped elements. Everyone supports and at the same time gets the support of another person, which creates a hug and transforms the unit into a whole. The trust game requires structural accuracy, excellent material quality, and the right people who can handle both at the same time. It is made of natural finished solid wood, or painted in different color combinations, modular. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to pack and carry.

the road coat stand
The road hanger is inspired by the roads that pass through each other in the city. The whole is made of aluminum alloy. It is assembled through the same buckle structure and the elasticity of the metal. There is no need for screws and extra structural assembly. Disassemble.