Appreciation of screwdriver tool design

The screwdriver is a hardware tool that facilitates our daily work and life to turn the screw to force it into place. It is one of the essential tools in our home life. It is always possible to use screws for various objects. All kinds of products in our lives need screw fasteners to fasten objects, such as installation and maintenance. It can be said that as long as there are screws, screwdrivers are needed. The following excellent conceptual industrial design shares a group of screwdriver tool design appreciation, let’s take a look at the creative novel tool design portfolio.
LeBitGo modular screwdriver design does not satisfy the screwdriver set as a tool.

The LeBitGo screwdriver is a modular super versatile gadget. Just like a building block, it is actually a metal column made up of several hexagonal prisms in series. In addition to the holes on the upper and lower sides of each section of the hexagonal prism, there is also an opening on the side. The heads are of different sizes. You can flexibly adjust the size you need to the front. At this time, it is a long screwdriver. The hexagonal prisms are made of titanium alloy and are all magnetic. You can assemble them at will and turn them into various robots, small animals or mobile phone holders.

SAVIOR super pocket screwdriver design, super small and portable, powerful function.

SAVIOR may be the smallest and most portable screwdriver in the world. It has a cross and a double head. The semi-hollow design just has a place for the corkscrew function. It is ultra-small and portable. It can always help you when you need it.

The Key-Bit bullet-head screwdriver design allows you to be prepared.

Don’t be afraid of 10,000, but just in case, you don’t know when you need a screwdriver. Key-Bit is an ultra-compact bullet-head screwdriver. There is only one Phillips head inside. It is magnetically attached to the other half and fastened to the key chain. It is always safe.