Baby medicine feeding artifact—a spoon with a “syringe” hidden

The adult’s world is very complicated, and the baby really doesn’t understand it. The scene where an adult feeds a baby to eat: Good, baby, come to eat the fruit puree, and then the ignorant baby dries three spoons in a row, but does not know that there is medicine in the puree.

You machines (yin) and intelligent (risky) adults! The editor guessed that the designer of this spoon, Donaldo Preciado, must have a baby who doesn’t like taking medicine at home now or once. The design of this artifact must be the result of countless times when he is unsure.

This special spoon for pediatric medicine feeding, called MEDevice, can have a built-in “syringe”, which can inhale the syrup in the “syringe”. When feeding the baby to drink porridge or eat fruit puree, push it in and do it in one go. It is perfect without knowing it. , The key is that the baby’s user experience is also superb. Of course, please remember to remove the needle of the syringe after the event, so as not to let the baby discover the secret, but also to prevent the next door Lao Wang from feeling distressed.