Creative hardware tool design

Have you seen 24 different specifications integrated on a small ring?

This ring is specially designed for bicycles. The hexagonal wrench and hexagonal head can adapt to most of the screws on the bicycle, and there are even special tools for disassembling the wheel spokes. It is a good thing to put under the seat to deal with emergency needs.

This U-shaped plug has many advantages: First, the traditional plug has as many as 11 parts, and this U-shaped plug contains only 3 parts, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost; secondly, the U-shaped plug is flexible, and the two plugs are flexible. The distance can be adjusted, which means that it can be inserted into different specifications of jacks; in addition, due to the U-shaped design, it can be unplugged with only one finger; again, the screws need to be removed when the ordinary plug is installed, and the U There is no need to disassemble the plug during installation, just insert the wires and tighten the screws; finally, one of the biggest highlights of this U-shaped socket is the modular design, getting rid of the one-to-one plug and socket.

“Rhino multi-function tool” is a tool designed for tough guys.

It looks like a rhino. The horns, front legs and hind legs are wrenches of different sizes. There are four screw heads of different sizes in the belly, which can be inserted into the rhino’s mouth and use the rhino as a screwdriver. There is also a small shovel in the rhino’s belly, which is used to wax the surfboard or shovel ice. The ear of the rhino is a corkscrew, and the tail is a hole for a key ring.

The multi-purpose tool SURVCO, a small axe that can be put in a wallet, and has at least 12 multi-purpose functions.

The London ChauhanStudio design studio and the Finnish knife brand Fiskars designed a set of hardware tools for the “Wallpaper 2013 Handmade Festival”, focusing on the concept of “light hardware”.

It tries to turn cold industrial products into warm furniture items, including six pieces in total. Each piece is composed of white plastic and white wood except for the metal parts. It is simple and powerful, which can easily arouse people’s appetite for touch.