Pot design that can make you a master of urban green plants

Living in a reinforced concrete city, I am more yearning for nature. A little greenery in the city is even more precious. Apart from the limitations of the place, I don’t understand cultivation or plant breeding methods. Most urban people should give up green plants. One of the important reasons for this, but how difficult is it to get product designers? I don’t know how to cultivate, but it can still make you a master of urban green plants. You might as well explore it along with the excellent conceptual industrial design!

LeGrow Modular Flower Pot Design

LeGrow, you only need to insert the white squares into each other, it can be used as a standardized module suitable for your plants. Users only need to put the plants into the plastic modules, and then they can switch from regular seeding to the LeGrow module. A storage is placed at the bottom of these modules. Water heater, it is even equipped with a humidifier, which can nourish plants, and at the same time make the environment in the room comfortable, and the light bulb module can imitate the halo of the sun to provide photons to plants.

Smart flowerpot design
The mu-design team in Luxembourg brought a smart flowerpot that can help us take care of green plants. It has a series of built-in sensors that can monitor up to 15 preset states, including soil moisture, temperature, and light conditions. You can also select which plant you are planting through your mobile phone for expert tailor-made monitoring . What’s even better is that this flowerpot also has an LCD face, which can express the state of the plant in a very emotional way at any time.

Flower pot design for indoor plant cultivation system
The designer designs an indoor plant care product for people living in apartments and shady areas. Find inspiration from existing plant growth systems and kitchen machines. It is indeed a challenge to integrate all the technologies into a compact, aesthetically pleasing product. The designer decided to bring a cylinder block. The smartphone app can be used to water plants, set temperature, check humidity and make statistics. It also has its own encyclopedia, which contains interesting facts and tips.