Product Design Inspiration | Redefining Design-Vase Design

There are undoubtedly many objects to decorate our lives in our home life, and the vase is such an inconspicuous and indispensable tool for daily necessities. The vase itself can be used as a beautiful work of art, or it can be filled with flowers and become beautiful. Embellishment, the following excellent conceptual industrial design brings you a more artistic alternative vase design creativity, redefining the design-vase design!

Base para Flores vase design
Base para Flores vase is a full of artistic sense of vase design creativity, artistic sense, the representative of simple beauty, I believe you will be moved!

AMPOULE vase design
The prototype is a drop of water, which is the source of inspiration for the design of a huge vase, featuring a simple design.

Babylone vase design
Babylone vase, a minimalist unique vase design, more interesting is that it can also be combined to form different decorative forms!