Product design related to cattle

The animal image of the cow has always been a hardworking and reliable representative in the eyes of the public. It is also one of the more commonly used design elements in design. It is no exception in industrial design. The following excellent conceptual industrial design will take a look at those Let’s enjoy the designer’s product design ideas related to cattle!

Percherona wall coat rack
Home life small pendants, bionic design, cute cow head wall hangings to add color to your life!

The design of the kitchen knife holder with two ribs inserting knife
Real two-ribbed knife, personalized kitchen supplies design, Mexican bullfighting culture creative kitchen knife holder design!

OX Bull Table Design
Designer Jonggun Kim was inspired by the bull in the fairy tale and designed this OX bull table. Although it looks like a large version of children’s building blocks, it can play its role very well!

Hanger “Aportado” Bull Head Wall Mount Design
Designer KAFEDRA MEBELI’s creative home accessories, similar to the first design, the bionic bull head pendant, give you a more convenient and interesting life experience!

Niuniu pencil sharpener design
Cute stationery items are always admirable. For example, this bionic Niu Niu pencil sharpener design, the cute and interesting shape design comes from cows, who don’t like small and cute pencil sharpeners!