Screwdriver design ideas on tall

A screwdriver is an indispensable tool in life. There is a need for it no matter in the home, office, or going out environment. Is a screwdriver important for its appearance? Is the function important? And or something else? May wish to follow the excellent concept to take a look at the screwdriver design creativity.

Super mini screwdriver design
This screwdriver has three drill bits, which can be folded for storage. This tool uses aviation-grade aluminum blanks for CNC machining, and then black anodized treatment, which has super durability. The weight is only 36 grams, so it is very convenient to be attached to the key chain.

Candy color screwdriver design
Candy-colored screwdriver design, beautiful color matching, high-value appearance design and creative styling, screwdriver specially designed for women, do you like it?

Wowstick pen-shaped electric combination screwdriver design
Imagine having a complete toolbox in your stationery box, or better yet, even in your pocket. This is exactly what Wowstick is after. With this pen-shaped electric screwdriver, you can tighten or loosen the screw at the push of a button. There are two buttons to choose from, you can rotate the head of Wowstick clockwise or counterclockwise.