Super practical creative tool.

The so-called humanized design is to design on the basis of users. Look at these small objects, let us deeply understand: there is a design called the design of other people’s home! There are so many small objects that make me scared of the crime! I have to make me admire the five-body cast

  1. One-handed bottle opener, you can do it with just one hand, it’s no longer the old-fashioned bottle opener, simple tomorrow, lightly press the button, it will be OK, simple and labor-saving.

2.When eating pineapple, you have to call the seller to cut it with a knife? Or if you come back and get a knife by yourself, you might get pierced and cut your hands. Peeling a pineapple is a very troublesome process. With this small tool, you can do it in one easy turn. Take a look at this heaven-defying artifact, how does the inspiration for this tool like Huanglong come from the auger on the construction site?

3.360-degree rotatable socket, old-fashioned sockets will always encounter the embarrassing problem on the picture, with this artifact, mothers will no longer be afraid of me looking for sockets all over the world.

4.A plug with an LED halo, isn’t it cool? In the middle of the night, I think of pulling the plug to save you the trouble of running over and turning on the lights. I have to say that the details make the future.

5.Sharp knives with infrared rays. Science and technology are no longer a slogan for the benefit of mankind. Only when applied to the people is the best expression. With this artifact, are you afraid of cutting things? Or you can cut it as you want. Don’t draw the line first and then follow the line.

A small idea can make our life unique, and a novel and peculiar idea can also bring a bit of fun to our life.