The kitchen protects itself from small artifacts

  1. Hand protector for cutting vegetables

The hand protector that has stainless steel does protection, cut casually all not afraid! It will get thinner with practice.

It is divided into single finger sleeve and double finger sleeve, the finger sleeve can be adjusted. Finger guards can also be used to peel things.

  1. Comb slicing tool

This comb-like slicing tool has a high safety factor. Insert it directly into the ingredients without touching it.

Just cut in the gap with a knife. The disadvantage is that the slice is relatively less thin, but the safety factor is high. And it’s the easiest way to chop Onions. You can do the same with tomatoes without getting all the juice on your hands.

  1. Anti-oil splash spatula cover
    I believe many people are afraid that the splashing oil will accidentally spill on their hands at the moment when the oil is poured before cooking. With it, you don’t have to worry about being splashed by oil. It can protect your hands like a fencer~
  1. Combination of anti-hot artifact

If it is steamed hot dishes, hot soup, chicken custard, casserole, then this kind of clip to help, super convenient and practical magic tool, can better protect the hands.

The dish after steaming good egg soup in the pot, heating is taken directly by hand affirmation is not good, use clip much safer.