Totally did not expect, designers brain holes, too show up!

Many times you have to admire the brains of the designers. I really didn’t expect them. The brains of the designers are too irritating. No, the excellent concept industrial design will take a look at the common and common in daily life for everyone. Familiar items, but under the design of the designers, there are new ideas. These interesting designs can always add fun to life. Do you like it?

Extremely simple chair design
Unexpectedly, this chair brings the minimalist style to the extreme, and I have to admire the designer’s brains!

Design of drinking straw drinking device
Unexpectedly, combining the bottle and straw into a unique device that allows you to easily drink water without lifting and raising your neck.

Modern projection wall clock design
Unexpectedly, it disguised as an artwork on the wall, releasing the ground occupied by most wireless speakers. Working with apps on your phone, the design can stream your favorite songs and display various custom notifications on your wall.